Saturday, February 6, 2010

Palin "Teas" Off

As the keynote speaker at this year's Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, Sarah Palin shared her broadened knowledge and scope of the problems with America's "once prized and valued system of democracy." Citing the failures of our current administration in its effort to control spending, Palin, not realizing that he had died more than five years ago cleverly juxtaposed in her speech, birthday wishes to former President Ronald Reagan. (It was early in her speech and she was probably still a little nervous.) Sharing the same beliefs and merits of the former president, she quoted:
"that government can't solve the problem, that in fact, government is the problem,"
citing that the sooner we get rid of government regulation on the banks and financial institutions, the sooner the wealth of our country will be realized by these institutions and banks and "darn few regular folks as well."
"Darn it folks! We need an administration that solves problems!"

This time, not quipping about lipstick and pit bulls, she mused that she had friends in the lower forty eight. Though none in Hawaii.

"I still can't believe that Hawaii, (rolling her eyes) the birthplace of our charismatic teleprompting President is actually a state, I've always considered it just an island or a bunch of 'um I guess"
She then commented on the fact that real speeches are read from paper and the palms of our hands giving speakers and politicians alike the privilege and opportunity to avert eye contact with their audience in the event that they may sometimes have to sway from the truth to be re-elected.

On taxes, national security, and spending, she was ruthless though still charming.
"Yes its true that President Bush missed the actually country of the terrorists by some three thousand miles, but if we are going to miss by that much we should have attacked a much smaller and less culturally diverse nation, like the Peninsula of Sinai (sic) or something.... and by attacking a smaller country we could have saved not only the lives of our brave soldiers but the American tax payer billions of dollars. Aw heck C'mon people! there are Arabs and Muslims there too and some of 'um I betcha' gotta be terrorists!"
The crowd reacted with a standing ovation.

Her speech continued on the track of management or "mismanagement" of our tax dollars by the current administration. She emphasized the waste in spending on small pet projects and special interest groups asking why this money wouldn't be better used for, in her opinion, more important pet-like projects and groups of important special interest. And not being afraid of the political backlash, she exposed the lies of the current administration's accounting of bailout expenditures but noting as well that the government's numbers on unemployment were right on.

Though her comments on the Supreme Court were brief, she shared her concern for the treatment of citizens and non-citizens of this country noting that what we needed were good judges that didn't have to resort to the constitution for their decisions but knew the real difference between right and wrong.

As cameras panned the room, I noticed some of the attendees had by now drawn their handkerchiefs. I myself became emotional.

Palin may well be the Republican Party's answer to loosing the next election, as she attempts to lull the American public into a deeper and even more profound stupidity causing members of her own party to distance themselves from her adding even more punch to her self-proclaimed "rogee'" nature, expressing that, " that "hopee'" and "changee'" stuff of the Obama administration didn't seem to be working." As she stood at the podium, one could not help sense the passion she feels for the need of major change with respect to our nation's direction - that it was time that we may want to dispense with democracy and allow the beauty of a democracy, the will of a democratic people, to be able to choose a proper candidate for office and not rely on the Democrat (sic) Party to do so.
"But our friends on the other side of the aisle don't seem to see it that way."
I think the height of her speech came as she expressed our current administration's softness on nation security and terrorism in having allowed a "homicide bomber" to fly on one of our airlines and how after he was arrested and put into custody, given his rights, under law, to remain silent.
"Can you believe that. We are expected as citizens, to abide by the laws of the Constitution, while this terrorist is breaking them!"
What Palin suggests here, and I strongly agree, is that as Americans we have the right to dispense with our laws when we feel it necessary to solve certain problems, and then go back to following them - a welcome echo no doubt, of our past administration - a time when only a few disasters compromised our national security. And one cannot help but remember the reaction of former President Bush as he pounced immediately upon the opportunity to rename the NSA to The Department of Homeland Security, a veritable poke in the eye to terrorists letting any and all nations "outside our borders" that meant us harm, know, "that this was our home land, the land of our families and home of our friends, our loved ones and people and land and homes and anyone else who lived within our borders full time... even those in Hawaii."

The reaction of the crowd by this time was demonstratively clear - that this former governor of the largest state in the union, a state that you could fit two Texas's in, a state that on a clear day was within view of a sleeping enemy, could win the electoral vote in twenty twelve. But this writer believes that she must play it cool. The two years left before the national election should give her more than enough time to read a few history books, the Constitution, and ramp up!

Palin furthered her opinion on national security explaining that the time for talk, even tough talk was over and though she was specific earlier in her speech that war may not be the answer, that it was in fact, time to
"stop the talk and begin to negotiate; we need to provide countries like North Korea and Iran with sanctions and also to limit imports and exports and aid to these rogue countries. And if the sanctions and limitations didn't work then it was time to talk and heck yea!, talk tough!"

I was surprised if not impressed by the Tea Party Convention's turnout fearing that it was going to be yet another display of re-enactment costumes, illiterate and angry Americans that like this writer, have not yet accepted that an articulate intelligent person of color, not to mention, former community organizer had the nerve to set his sites on leadership and by majority vote, occupy the White House (though it was plain by the glazed look on some of the male attendees faces that they couldn't help imagining her "bent over and beggin for it." But as I observed the audience, there were in fact some people who dressed normally and looked kind of smart. It is this writer's belief that the grassroots effort of this non-political movement had grown from being a sub-compact to a full-size SUV. It is my hope that it will soon become a freight train, a veritable tour de' force de' buffoon - that we as Americans have the right as granted by the 2nd Amendment to bear arms and to carry those arms to any and all manner of "peaceful assembly."

Go get 'um Sarah! you betcha.


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