Saturday, February 6, 2010

Massachusetts Finally Gets It

Over a week ago the voters of Massachusetts elected Scott Brown as their new senator who will now occupy the chair of "the Lion." Massachusetts has not had Republic senator since Edward Brooke lost the election to John Kerry in 1979. Though Kerry still serves we can all sigh and take a deep breadth knowing that we are at least halfway there in welcoming the Commonwealth back into the Union. This writer believes that it is no coincidence that the state of the First Tea Party elected a man within a few weeks of the New Tea Party's first organized convention.

It is amusing to think that the intellectual arrogance of the Democrats backfired. Did they really believe that their state was so liberal that they wouldn't even have to vote to replace the late Edward Kennedy. An act of God? Maybe, for it was Albert Einstein who said when discussing the infinite complexity of the cosmos that "God does not throw dice." Well it looks to me like He does have the power to throw elections.

Massachusetts long deemed as the most liberal state in the Union will finally be able to rejoin the rest of us Americans in providing We The People with real American values. We can now begin to crawl out from under the pansy thumb of a state that believes in gay marriage, abortion rights, wind surfing and draconian laws on gun control and become further removed from the control of dynastic families. The Kennedy club fades into the dunes of Martha's Vinyard and we can now expel ourselves from the nepotistic principles that poison our political system. Though I still think the Bush family was a good thing for this country.

What is especially important is that Brown will revisit the issue of capital punishment, further removing the United States from the grip of European liberalism and other civilized nations. He believes that there are crimes so heinous that those that commit them should be put to death by our hand and our system of justice but promises that our methods of execution will be far more humane than those of countries in the middle east.

We can relax knowing that the junior senator will return us to a proper degree of capitalism in providing families (that can afford it), health care through private insurance companies allowing these businesses to earn greater profits to invest in Wall Street which could provide more jobs and lower taxes. And by limiting taxation families and businesses that couldn't afford suitable health insurance will have no excuse not to exercise their right to pay premiums no matter how high they get.

So congratulations and welcome back Bay State! The revolution your great ancestors led over two hundred years ago was not a waste of time after all.


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