Saturday, February 6, 2010

Boehner Put's It Before America

As Americans face further abuse from the practices of the healthcare industry there is only one man that seems to have a clear vision and solution to the rising costs of healthcare. Representative John Boehnor, of Ohio's eighth district has on more than one occasion, shown the American people his plan. At a recent news conference the congressman, looking as though he had just returned from Aruba, his tan enviable by any standard, he presented the public with a blue folder which he held over the podium as he addressed a modest crowd of reporters. He explained that "the real plan will be in a blue folder like this one that I will show the American people in few days."

Boehner kept his word. Only two days later he appeared during another news briefing, blue folder in hand, this time the folder containing paper. Judging by its bulk, one could see immediately that his plan and that of his party's, had substance. It was thick, it was real, it was right before us. Yet to this day, even with such blatant, visual evidence, THE BILL, THERE... IN HIS HAND!, remains unnoticed and and will be by no means read by the party of majority in the House. But as a committed server of the public, Boehner persevered. At yet another press conference he held the bill in hand, this time, having removed the blue cover, preferring now a large paper clip to bind its pages, the leaves clearly visible adding even greater proof, if not credibility to the bill's existence as well symbolising strong, his party's commitment toward frugality. With his faithful right hand man and muse, Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia's 7th District standing stoically with obvious concern though less tanned, directly behind him, Boehner shouted, "Clips cost less then covers." The audience applauded with admiration and amusement, impressed by the congressman's gift for both phrase and alliteration.

Boehner then posited the overwhelming consequences of a "universal healthcare bill," citing that to pay for such a bill would involve an increase in taxes for working families and small business.

"By attempting such a program, each and every American would see a tax increase of at least six hundred dollars a year, they would be paying little to nothing else to be fully covered in all matters of illness, from doctors visits to long term hospitalization. With our plan, and I am referring to this one I'm holding, drafted by myself and my honored Republican colleagues, the eight to eleven thousand dollars a year you pay for coverage for your family, your children, your loved ones to private insurers, will remain intact with no additional taxes!! I REPEAT, NO ADDITIONAL TAXES!! I might add that not the government but your insurer will be able to chose the hospital as well as physician for the method and length of treatment saving both you and your chosen doctor the time and inconvenience of having to wade through a thorough and proper diagnosis and the possibility of a cure."

Boehner then raised the copy of the bill above his head one more time to an enthusiastic crowd.

"It's all in here my friends!"

I requested a draft copy of the bill a few weeks ago and was assured by his office that I would receive one soon. I am sure that judging by the representative's words and the thickness of the document, that this is a bill that cannot be ignored or overlooked by the American people. Upon its arrival I will share its contents on this blog and provide a link to where can be reviewed by all.

Now here I must take a moment at the unwillingness of Congress and of the American people; that the forfeiture of such a bill that I believe to be the solution to this country's healthcare crisis may never gain passage. The fact that our system of highways, public schools and fire departments rely on our tax dollars and adhere to certain principles of socialism, I still do not believe that a service as crucial and important as healthcare ought to. If we privatized the highways we would be paying only the industries in charge of their construction and maintenance. Though it may cost us as individuals a few thousand dollars a year to travel to and from work or our favorite vacation spot, we would still be saving HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS IN TAXES!!! To put this in perspective, imagine going home from your job, paycheck in hand realizing the full dollar value of your hours of labor. No tax withheld and being able to (though of course obligated through free choice, pay a few hundred dollars per month at most, per car (as most American families own more than one) to your "highway utility company." Just think of the savings in tax dollars.

The Department of Transportation estimates that it will cost taxpayers 4.2 billion dollars in the coming year for the maintenance of our roads and bridges. Why can we not pay for this out of our own pockets instead of our tax dollars!

Let's get together on this one citizens of America!!

I await the arrival of a copy of the drafted bill from the offices of Representative John Boehner at which time it will be posted and deposited in The Kitchen Synk.

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