Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Damn Crazy Dreams!

Sorry folks, it's late, a bit groggy. But I keep getting this recurring memory about a war when I was much younger. The name escapes me... Oh yea! I think it was in this small country in Asia...Viet..a...Viet Nam, that's it! and as I recall nobody won that war or even felt the slightest sense of victory. Back then people were pretty scared. They burnt flags, refused to go fight.

Aw but who the fuck cares Iraq, Afwhatitsname? Iran. Hell, I made some good investments. Lost some money (I think most of us did) but its coming back. And its not like those kids are going to find any decent work here.
Can't have too many hands in the pie, if you know what I mean. This goat fuck that keeps going on over there, and the way the market's moving, I'm feeling pretty good again.

Damn though, can't shake this dream I keep having. (Probably have to increase my medication.) Like I'm standing before a black marble wall. It seemed lower than that of a surrounding promenade. There were more than fifty-nine thousand names engraved on it, some I recognized. All dead.

Crazy dreams we have sometimes. Gotta increase my medication. I'll make an appointment. I'll make an appointment tomorrow. .....Oh, phone's ringing. Probably my broker.

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