Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Palin blasts Geitner for using r--word and praises Limbaugh for use of r--word

Limbaugh explains proper use of r--word and instructs screeners to not allow access to call-in dittos who use n--word. Though Palin requests same treatment for c--word.

Geitner says he never uses c--word but prefers b--word when angry at girlfriend and apologizes for using r--word.

Beck and Hannity say n--word ok if used in quotes. But c--word offensive though okay for Hillary Clinton.

Obama apologizes for use of r--word on Leno in reference to bowling in White House.

A--h--word heard a lot in Senate Chambers and sometimes f--word as well.

Pelosi gets thrill out of using d--word in House and once called another House member of same gender b--word.

Martin Luther King III says ok for him to use n--word in quotes and context by finds b--word and c--word utterly offensive as does Michelle Obama.

"God" beginning with capital letter hard to use for atheists and e.e. cummings.

b--word perfectly acceptable in reference to female dog.


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